Are you that person who doesn’t believe in energy healing or perhaps you think it doesn’t work for you?

You might think all this spiritual talk is very woo woo but keep listening as I share how energetic therapy  can improve your work performance and relationships.

Well I got good news for you, all this energy is already in you, it’s already there.
Everything is energy, moving in and around us.
Albert Einstein was the first to discover this theory.


2. Notice your emotional state of being

Now what you can do is notice your current state of being, a neutral state of frequency is 250, so any negative emotions like anger, resentment, boredom, pain, hate, fear, grief and shame will decrease your energy frequency significantly.
If we stay too long in these low energy frequencies we are weakening our system and become vulnerable to illness, depression and negativity.
A good thing would be to start listening to your intuition and body’s signals causing you pain or discomfort.
These are signs that things need to change.
You might have been circulating in this low frequency for so long that it has become a part of you.
We can see examples in sex addiction, overeating, drinking, smoking etc.

While flowing into higher energy frequencies such as acceptance, contentment, enthusiasm, love, joy and peace will expand our frequency and awareness so that we can live a balanced and harmonious life with ourselves and others.

A good example is to think of someone with a vibrant energy, the kind of person everybody notice when they enter a room and want to be around.
So these people on high frequency attract more of the same in their life.

So coming back to the aspect of energy healing such as in Tantric bodywork or reiki.
The powerful techniques used in these session such as breath work, healing loving touch and visualization will not only increase your energy vibration. It will also dissolve trapped energy or blockages so that full flow of life force energy is restored.


man waking up feeling happy and smiling

3.How will you know the energy healing worked?

First look at the different emotions on the scale and see where you might be.
Everybody’s body and energy aura is different so the reaction will vary from very subtle to ecstatic, orgasmic energy.
Yet in most cases you will feel very relaxed, energized, you might feel lighter and more spacious being in your body, you might feel more alert and aware of yourself and surroundings.
And you might radiate a peaceful and loving presence.

So the effect of energy healing will not only influence your physical and emotional state but also our relationship with others whether it is in the workspace, think of stressed-out  businessmen who really need to be at the top of their game in decision making and people leadership skills.
Or in our personal relationships, the way we communicate through our voice and body language with our partner and loved ones.

To try energy healing you don’t need to believe in anything, you just need to have the right intention and the willingness to transform and make a change and let the energy do its magnificent work.


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  1. Interesting Blog I started as a healer 25 years ago firstly with Reiki. Since then I have experienced and worked with various channels of energy. And have come to believe the most subtle healing can be the most powerful.

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