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Rana is an intuitive transformational mentor.
She facilitates online courses, Vip intensives and immersion programs to support clients achieving a clear vision of their life by providing a supporting healing experience, practical embodiment tools and intuitive wisdom to align one’s pure self, authentic expression and life’s purpose through self awareness and self-love.

"I help busy, heart centered executives access their personal inner power and get a clear vision of their goals and values without sacrificing integrity so that they can make confident authentic choices at work, with their family and in their intimate love life." -Rana

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Customer Praise

I receive numerous emails and reviews from the people I worked with.
Their praise you can find here on my website gives you nice and
clear understanding of how you might feel after working with me.
Nevertheless they all wished it lasted even longer 😉 

B, Paris

"Thank you, Rana for a great experience. I definitely felt much more grounded and relaxed afterwards. I believe it is a wonderful way to get out of our heads into the body. And thank you for an authentic human connection."

Sebastien Bruxelles

"Je te remercie encore pour ta délicatesse et ton énergie qui m'aident a déjà me retrouver plus près de mon être vrai"

Michael, Brussels

"What a wonderful experience. From THE First Second Rana provides a wonderful, respectful and calm environment. The words and her energetic presence are wonderful and go very deep - I enjoyed the time very much and never had such long lasting relaxing feeling even after the session ... Still feel 'a bit high' thank you very much & for sure not my last time ..... "