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Read Rik’s story – How this busy executive changed his sexual life and went for his dreams.
Family man Rik has an executive job during the week, a side job in entertainment on the weekends plus he just succeeded his first year law school.
This man is busy!
It’s no wonder he came to me to find more time for himself, to regain confidence and express his emotions better.
His biggest goals were to spend more quality time with his daughter and his partner.

Read T’s story – A young performer who managed his porn addiction and started living aligned and comfortable with his true feelings and emotions.
T is in his early twenties, he works as a professional dancer and performer in London.
T’s life was consumed with porn and casual sex so much that up to a point
he felt repulsed by himself and useless.
He even thought of other people to be repulsed by him and he became socially anxious.
Yet he decided to not let this control his life any longer and he decided to take action.