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Case Study | The young creative artist

From porn addiction to self-worth and purpose.

Let’s take a closer look at this case study.
T is in his early twenties, he works as a professional dancer and performer in London.
T’s life was consumed with porn and casual sex so much that up to a point 
he felt repulsed by himself and useless. 
He even thought of other people to be repulsed by him and he became socially anxious.
Yet he decided to not let this control his life any longer and he decided to take action.
It all started with a book from Mantak Chia which made him curious to learn about sexual energy and semen retention.
Initially he wanted to explore the techniques from this book, so he decided to look for help and found his way towards me.
I found this young man caught in the middle of despair  and confusion. Realizing his old style of living and sexuality didn’t fit him anymore but lost with direction and purpose of what lies ahead.

“Was on a super low when I first met you and even after the first session
I positively felt it as a spiritually magnifying moment.”

His initial goal was to reach a healthier approach on his sexuality.
Through embodiment exercises and  energetic healing I brought him back to feeling and connecting with his own body.
From there he could continue the practices he had learned to master sexual energy. A lot of the teachings in the book became clear as he had experienced them in our sessions.
Which allowed him to really be guided into the sensations he needed to be looking for, deep inside his body.
The more consistently he encountered these feelings in his body, the easier he could find them practicing alone.
Going through all the practices without in person support would have been very challenging and time consuming.

“The feelings and sensations experienced through your guidance, with your help,
is what allowed me to develop everything.”

As a young man with strong power and sexual desires, he was trying to find his way in life. After our first few sessions and the time in between, T was in between confusion and newly gained curiosity about what he had experienced in his body.
We made our little joke about this internal tension he was experiencing resembled feeling like the Hulk.
Luckily he could vent some of that tension and emotions on stage while performing.
He was committed and it had shown in all the positive actions he had taken over the months we worked together.
Now he had all these amazing experiences but for his true breakthrough to occur he had to take things to a deeper level.

male dancer performance flow coaching

He decided to take a personal challenge to refrain from masturbation and ejaculation.
Since he had mastered the techniques to sublimate sexual energy and other embodiment practices he felt ready to go on this life-changing challenge for 3 months.
By this time he also had a supporting girlfriend who he could share with and even practice some tantric lovemaking with.

After our 3rd transformational coaching session he experienced a big shift in his attitude and overall presence.
For him it was like a whole new world opening before him.
He had learned to be more open, allow things to happen as they are and welcome new experiences in his life.
A true benefit for him was that he could stop blaming himself for making so-called bad decisions.
Before he used to serve others while ignoring his own needs and wants.
A big encouragement and confidence boost for him was to know that he could trust his own good intentions that he had set for himself.

“ Speaking with you revives my energy to search for the core of how things really are.”

TOP Benefits from our coaching work together

  • Energy levels through the roof
  • More productive on same amount of sleep (6hrs)
  • Gained a deeper sense of direction and purpose in life
  • Life is blossoming effortlessly
  • Creative bursts
  • More empathy, more loving radiance, less self-absorbed
  • Powerful mind
  • Better connection with his family
  • Easy to quit unhealthy, bad habits and implement good ones
  • Less pain in the body
  • No procrastination!
  • Transforming from the Hulk into SUPERMAN!

Client’s final recommendation for case study.

“Without having this positive, real experience, I can imagine it being hard for anyone to realize that sexuality can be channeled into a much more useful direction, where bright feelings may energetically last.
Rana made me aware of sexual energy. She opened my mind to feeling masculine and feminine energies as very real things.
These thoughts now color my everyday life.
The clear memory of those bodily sensations served as a reminder to continually reach for acquiring such super powers.
The link between my sessions with Rana and everything I’ve been reading was the pure energetic engagement, that made the version of myself I wanted to become, feel closer and more real, and the steps of the struggle in order to create that vision seem worth it.”

Now it's up to you...

Can you relate to how T was feeling in his life?
Are you struggling to find your way and lack direction in life?
How would your life look like if you too could experience these amazing benefits from transformational flow coaching?
>>Why don’t we find out together?
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