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Case Study | The stressed executive with big dreams

From overworked to getting into law school and giving his wife multiple orgasms

Let’s meet Rik from Belgium.
Family man Rik has an executive job during the week, a side job in entertainment on the weekends plus he just succeeded his first year law school.
This man is busy!
It’s no wonder he came to me to find more time for himself, to regain confidence and express his emotions better.
His biggest goals were to spend more quality time with his daughter and his partner.
Well he got so much more than he thought was possible.
Keep reading…

When Rik came to me the first time he was stressed out.
He was dealing with some internal struggles around his past and his fragile relationship with his daughter and wife kept him up at night.
Rik had just gotten this big promotion at work, even though he was happy it also brought him more stress if he could take on this extra responsibility and work.

Our first coaching session was a success. From the first moment he felt a sense of security and calmness by working with me.
After the deep dive transformational coaching and breath work he experienced a glow around him. And even other people were noticing something different about him!
This newly gained vibration felt good to Rik so he continued to practice the learned exercises.
man waking up feeling happy and smiling in flow state
There were moments where he would feel tired and overwhelmed so having that sacred space during our sessions to turn to for an extra boost and support was extremely valuable to Rik.
We discussed things he could do to satisfy his own needs instead of only pleasing others.
So setting new intentions gave Rik the power to go for his long dream; to attend law school.
It would take extra time from his schedule but he felt so empowered by these new experiences he felt he could do anything.
Rescheduling his busy week also freed up extra time to spend with his daughter.
family father and daughter spending time together
I can tell you by our second session Rik was hooked.
He wanted more. He wanted to experience a feeling of full liberation.
Universe responded and he experienced his first full body energetic orgasm.
I remember he left that session feeling liberated, filled with bliss and attuned with flow.
Following that Rik would continue his daily exercises and go to work with increased focus and fully energized.
His colleagues and family started reacting more positively towards him.
He charged himself up for an extra boost while studying law.

My body has found peace and this sex energy has made me into a new man”

Through our work and teachings he became inspired to go on a personal chastity challenge according to Tantra.
Rik and his partner are together for 17 years and he admitted intimacy and sex were non-existing for months and very routine style.
He was very motivated about this challenge since he had experienced already so much powerful energetic shifts.
Following the months of the challenge he felt physically a warm glow; his whole body became more sensitive. With his senses activated, the slightest stimulation brings him ecstatic feelings. 

As far as his partner she started to respond to his energetic presence differently.
Being on this challenge he could focus more on her pleasure. In fact he finds it very satisfying to caress and cuddle with her, massage her feet almost every day.
She responded with openness and wanting him more.
As the sexual energy radiates through him he shared she is enjoying intense multiple orgasm now. Something which never occurred before.
In fact she is the one seducing him more often and craving sex with him.
For him he discovered a whole new intimate relationship with her.
couple intimate love connection flow

"Channeling my sexual energy makes me feel very powerful;
it’s like a whole new world opening in front of my eyes."

TOP Benefits from our coaching work together

  • Gained new wisdom
  • Improved focus
  • Cleared emotional baggage/blockages
  • Super energy
  • Fulfill goals
  • More quality time with family
  • Happiness
  • Discover inner power
  • Hot sex and deep connection with his partner
  • Still on the challenge for 6 months now 😉 UPDATE 12 months! Hooray Rik!

Client’s final recommendation for case study.

“I wish I had learned this stuff when I was younger. It is so valuable as part of sex education.
Choosing not to ejaculate and hold my sexual energy makes me feel more empowered and better about myself.
Lot of men feel guilty after they masturbated. By choosing for this approach I don’t have those feelings anymore and I can bring my focus to more important things like my partner and work.
For me the world would be a better place and less aggressive if all men would try this!
I feel grateful to Rana, my goddess, for her work and devotion that brought me to the amazing place I am today. I don’t ever want it to stop!”

Now it's up to you...

Can you relate to how Rik was feeling in his life?
Are you struggling to find your way and lack direction in life?
How would your life look like if you too could experience these amazing benefits from transformational flow coaching?
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