Feminine Essence Sexual Activation Course

Hey beautiful lady and I am so excited you found this page.
If you are like most women you too are a giver, taking care of everybody else’s needs before your own.
Hey we might even keep denying something for ourselves because there is no time, no money,…
Can you tell me when was the last time you truly sat down with yourself and indulge in PREMIUM ME-TIME?
Meeting up with your girlfriends, getting your hair done (oh I love those scalp massages at the hair salon!)
or just reading a book lazy from your bed mmmhh!

group of women having a great time

All of these things are great right but they all involve things on the outside.
I am talking about INNER CONNECTION here.
We are so rushing through life we don’t take time to stop and feel anymore.
When was the last time you looked at yourself naked or even touched yourself.
Not necessarily intimate but your skin, your breast, and your thighs.
All parts that make you the sensual goddess you are, and you are my dear! Believe me!

Most women who contact me complain about a lack of connection with their body and sexuality.
And I get that, who shall you confide in about such a delicate topic, where shall you learn the right information?!
I mean most people are totally clueless about true and sacred sexuality and let’s not even talk about all those women magazines that point out all the things we need to change about ourselves in order to be good enough, to be pretty enough and woman enough.
But you are different, since you have found your way here there is already a burning desire for more right?!

What if I would tell you that the answers to all your questions are already in you?
It’s called your intuition, that inner voice that tells you when something is “off”.
We women have a special sensor for these things but we don’t always listen to that voice do we?
So what if instead of listening to boyfriends or magazines telling you what to do, you could learn to tune into your own body, your sexuality and have trust in your inner voice…..

I already created a men’s version of this course and  they absolutely love it!
So I have created this special in depth course for women
who are seeking to find or nurture that sacred, intimate part of themselves.

This is for women who:

  • are ready to listen to their bodies
  • want to learn to fully open their sensual body
  • want to access a deeper sense of sexual pleasure
  • evolve from a "masculine" quick fix to full "feminine " pleasure

Yummy Goodies you will receive in this course:

  • Chakra Meditation to open your energy flow video (18min)
  • Chakra Meditation mp3 download to access anywhere
  • Breast massage Demo Video
  • Activate Sexual Energy Guided Audio
  • Full Audio Meditation Session mp3 (45min)
  • Your personal workbook (28 pages)