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What makes a man powerful and irresistible?SEXUAL CONFIDENCE

Valuable and life changing online group program with your transformational flow coach Rana

Is this YOU?

You feel a lot of PRESSURE on your sexual performance, which causes you to ejaculate quickly  or lose your erection completely.
Even the idea of having sex makes you think of how it always ends…quickly. It’s the only thing you can think about, or not think about coming!

You invested in some dating guru’s online program to meet more girls and then after SEXLESS MONTHS you finally got a date with this hot girl, you got her in your bed and then you come within a few seconds because you were overexcited!
Suddenly the sex magic turns into this awkward silence as you both feel uncomfortable.

You feel completely clueless on how to please a woman in the bedroom so you turn to porn to teach you about sex.
Why does it goes so much easier on film then in real life…

Daily stress and workload is keeping your mind occupied and you have a hard time disconnecting.

You are UNCLEAR about your goals and purpose in life.
You don’t really know what is important to you in life, sexually so you lack the drive to take action and get shit done!

You think you are superman in bed because sex has always been EASY for you, but secretly women think you’re not that great! Ouch there goes your EGO.

You would like to find a deeper connection with yourself and get closer to your PARTNER.

Perhaps you just had a baby or there is always so much going on with work, you wish there was a way to bring back that spark you both felt in the beginning of your relationship.

I wish I had learned this stuff when I was younger. It is so valuable as part of sex education.
man review sexual confidence mastery program





  • You could finally get clear on what is important to you and live by YOUR values
  • You can learn to master your sexual energy and take control of your urges
  • You will learn to tune into your body better and take the pressure of sex
  • You will show up confident and authentic. There will be no need to be play or fake something
  • Your new energetic vibration will inspire your partner or attract women on your level
  • Finally solve your sexual dysfunction with effective techniques
  • By stepping up your game as a man you will feel more comfortable to be a good role model for your kids


Are you ready to ditch any negative beliefs around sexuality and women?

Are you ready to truly own your masculine sexuality?

Do you want to tune into your magnetic presence and own the room AND the bedroom?


Deep Dive Coaching
Setting yourself up for success with the right mindset and support.
Learn powerful tantra techniques to gain awareness and empowerment
Sexual Confidence Mastery
Access a deeper, ecstatic level of sexual pleasure. A whole new world will unfold for you!
Eliminate sexual issues and lack of confidence.
Become a high energetic, powerful presence and magnetic man​
Become a sex magnet
Mastering your sexual energy while bringing your focus on you woman’s pleasure will make you irresistible


  • weekly training video | 8

  • weekly group calls | 8

  • weekly workbook

  • guided exercises

  • guided audio recordings

  • 60 min private coaching calls fortnightly
    * premium upgrade only

  • unlimited email support on weekdays
    * premium upgrade only

So how much does the program cost?

I hold a vision and space for every single man signing up for this program “graduating” successfully on this 8 week journey together.
I want to see YOUR transformational story on my case study wall!
You receive my guidance, support and accountability during our time together.
That is why I intentionally will keep this group small so we can dive in with focus on the outcome.
It might be challenging, it might be triggering but just think about it, this is only 8 weeks of your life that could potentially change the rest of your life…

female coach zen pose photo

8 weeks group program
weekly implementation calls
video trainings

1800 euro (apx 2250 $)

Upgrading to PREMIUM will give you access to:


  • private online calls with me for support, coaching
  •  a safe space to discuss more personal questions
  • personalized teaching
    Premium is limited to 5 spots!
3000 euro (apx 3700 $)