If you are a man active on social media you might be become victim to these online Skype sex scammers.

These sex scam professionals, pretending to be hot, young sexy girls, are preying on weak, horny men by convincing them to participate in online sexual activities.
Once the “victim” is recorded naked, masturbating he receives a message to pay an amount even up to 5000euro!
The scammer threatens the man to release the provocative video if he doesn’t come up with the money.
The article states that mostly rich arab men from the Gulf States, such as Dubai and Qatar are being targeted but I believe this happens worldwide.

I can imagine if you have fallen victim to such an abusive sex scam situation, you would want to keep quite and forget about it as quickly as possible!

Of course it doesn’t help to raise awareness around this sensitive topic and also why men fall so easily into this scam trap.

I urge men who are very active on social media to rate this kind of attention with common sense. If it looks to good to be true, it usually is!
– 95% of the time a girl offering sexual favors online will ask you for money.
– Scammers will ask you for money.

I vote for more male empowerment and for men to take a stand in their sexuality without behaving weak or giving their power away by paying for sexual activities.
Imagine if you would put the same effort and time in self-development and attracting the right woman for you?

I talk about all these things in my Sexual Confidence Mastery program for men.
In this 3month online program I teach men on the right mindset to have confidence on their body and sexuality. How to deal with sexual urge in a powerful way. How to bring true emotional and physical intimacy in your relationship through communication, the art of sacred touch and sex.
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Copyright Source BBC – Read full article The Skype sex scam –  a fortune built on shame

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