Take The Stress Out Of These TOP 12 Men's Insecurities

1. Men's Height

As a short man you think it might be harder to make an impact because of your size. Even dating makes you feel insecure as women visually need to look down on you.
When we look at real life examples reality shows that shorter men are very successful in business as they put in more effort to succeed and to be “seen”.
Also with dating women, true at first sight there are women who wouldn’t go out with a shorter guy but that’s all based on first assumptions.
They don’t know you and your wonderful personality!
Look around, there are no 2 people alike and the variety of differences is endless.
So it all comes down to your presence and how you hold yourself together.
Even being smaller in size you can make yourself “energetically” very BIG 😉
Demand the space authentically.

2. Men's Thoughts on being the Provider

Since we can remember men have been considered the breadwinners who must provide for their family by making a good living.
Although with most women working same hours as men, this whole idea is still very wired in men’s mind. A man will first make sure he has a good job and savings before plunging into a relationship or marriage.

3. Men's Fear on losing their job position

Does your ego cringe on the thought of losing your job position?
Survey shows it is a big deal for most men as it might affect their manliness.
I guess if you are married to your job you would feel like this.
Of course there are many different circumstances to being laid off.
If you know it had nothing to do with your capabilities then you will easily find a new or better position. Perhaps it’s an ideal moment to reflect on your life’s direction and choose a completely different path aligned with your passion and purpose.
Your job is what you do; it does not define you as a person.

4. Men's Appearance

From this list I can say that men go though the same challenges as women.
Men might feel insecure about their body, getting bald, having scars and simply getting older.
Studies shown that men do compare themselves to other men and even feel judged by others based on their appearance.
Results stated that men feel a lot of pressure to look attractive and would even hide certain body parts such as their belly and penis.
Can we say that society but definitely media has a big part to play in this?
Men’s magazines

5. Being compared to her exes

Another point where men feel their dick shrink an inch is the idea of being compared to her exes. Having real life competition around your girl is already though enough imagine fighting the “ghosts of boyfriends past” who seemingly always did a better job then you.
Don’t let these mind games get to you. There are good reasons why they are exes!

6. Men's Style

While style can vary, it’s clear popular TV shows are revamping men’s style to make them more dateable or fuckable.
I would say your style is definitely linked to your confidence and how you perceive yourself. Remember how you felt last time you were dressed to the nines?! I am sure you got that “bring it on” grin on your face…
Personally I like a men with a nice sense of style and a nice fitted suit is yammie
So keeping things clean and stylish gives and impression like you got your stuff together.

7. Thoughts on being Masculine enough

Men have been so conditioned on how a “real man” should behave, it is normal that they question themselves if they fit in the profile.
I am too skinny, I am not tall enough, I am too emotional, I am not confident enough are all thoughts of men who don’t feel manly enough.
There was a study about the link between violence and male discrepancy stress
You could ask yourself who are you allowing to define what masculinity means to you.

8. Penis size questions

Men’s most precious private part comes in different shapes and sizes.
Yet it seems most men are not happy with what Mother Nature (or genes) gave them.
If men don’t compare cars and watches they mostly will compare the size of their penis.
But can we be honest here and say that size is irrelevant if you don’t know how to use your tool!?
One size does not fit for all…
What will be heaven for one woman might be a no-go for another.
Stop comparing and start experimenting.

9. Straight, Gay or Bi-sexual?

Men might feel very insecure when they are not quite clear yet on whether they’re attracted to women, men or both.
Unfortunately being gay is still very taboo and men suffer abuse every day.
Fear might be keeping you hiding from who you are really supposed to be.
If you are in this position and alone I would say find yourself a support group and set up strong foundation of real (gay) friends before you “come out of the closet”.

man lying in bed worried

10. Men's sexual Performance

Your sexual performance might be undermined by the way you think about yourself during sex.
Men feel embarrassed about their body, sex noises they make, having ejaculation problems or making facial expressions when they come.
Do you feel afraid or ashamed to fully embrace your sexuality?
What if your partner is having just the same concerns as you do?
Try to let go and feel completely in tune with your body.
You might consider getting support and learn techniques by an expert on having sexual confidence.

11. Sex Skills

Perhaps a big reason why men turn to porn is to learn new sex skills?
Especially when you feel the pressure with a new girlfriend.
You have sex for the first time and questions arises like am I doing a good job, is she enjoying this, maybe she is faking it?
Although sex education in school does not cover actual sex acts, learning from porn should not become the norm of sex.
You don’t want to be that guy who is reenacting the movie in his mind and putting women in positions banging them like fake dolls.
What women like from you is that you remain present and focused.
Having great sex is an art and practice makes great orgasms!

12. Men's thoughts on reaching Full Potential

Perhaps you lie awake where your life is turning to?
It’s certainly a big point for men to make their mark and live up to their full potential.
It’s important to get fully clear on your life goals and personal values.
The only way to live up to your fullest potential is to live a life and to do a job that is fully aligned with your deepest core values.
Practice being in the present moment and expand your awareness for intuitive guidance.

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