You want to feel more balanced and present in your body. You want to live a life align with your authentic self. Let's get started.

Breakthrough Program

I have a ONE TIME ONLY OFFER for you.
We will work together for 1 month as we get clear on where you are right now and what you’d like to achieve.
Having clarity and the right intention are key in all my programs so you are setting already a strong foundation if we decide to continue our work together.

In the Breakthrough Program you will:
Get a clear picture what you are struggling with, what to focus on AND an action plan to make shifts happen.
Simple techniques you can implement immediately
Have a mentor who will listen to you and support you without judgment

The Breakthrough Program includes:
– A simple assessment for you to fill out, this will give valuable information about what we should focus on and set up an appropriate action plan.
– A 1 hour phone or Skype session, where we will go through your biggest challenges and how they are impacting your life. Then, together, we will come up with a plan of action that works in your life right now.
– Within 24 hours you will receive your action plan so that you can start implementing immediately.
– 2 weeks later we will have a 30 minute check-in call to offer you support and accountability.
We’ll talk through how you are feeling and how you did on implementing your action steps.
We’ll also check in to discuss any challenges that occurred.
And the best part of having support is to guide you to keep moving forward.

Ready to get started? Here's how:


129 euro

1. Click the “I Am Ready” button to submit your payment.
2.Within 24 hours of making your payment, you’ll receive an email from me with your instructions on how to get started.
3. You’ll work through the assessment, giving me a clear and honest view of what is going on for you right now. 
4. Once the assessment is completed, we’ll set up our call.

If you have any questions about this program email me

man waking up feeling happy and smiling

Transformational Embodiment Program

Heart centered men hire me to help them access their full potential and live a more balanced life because most of them feel stuck in their head all the time, causing physical and sexual problems.
So I help them get more clarity, dissolve inner blockages and excecute a confident presence.

Bottom line, I bring high achievers and leaders on a deep inner healing journey so that they can step out feeling more vibrant, energised and powerful.

1:1 Coaching Program – 3 month commitment

Sexual Confidence Mastery Online Program

You lack the tools to show up confident in the bedroom or you feel something is holding you back from stepping into true masculine essence.
Finally get the support to solve your sexual problems.

This might be for you!
3 month online program for men to master sexual confidence, clarity and inner power.

Vip Intensive destinations Paris Brussels Monaco Geneva

Luxurious VIP Intensive

Transformation is all about you saying YES to what you deserve!
Allow yourself this luxury and join me for a breakthrough coaching day with a delicious lunch in top cities like Brussels, Paris, Monaco, London,…
Available for individuals and couples.


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The information she provides is based on years of research, trainings and personal experience.

All coaching packages are non-refundable and the payments are due as specified.
Rana guarantees the quality of her work, but cannot directly control all outcomes.

NO guarantees
My role is to support and assist you to reach your goals, but your success and outcome depends solely on your own effort, motivation, implementation, commitment and follow-through.
Any testimonials used represent the best results of my work, you understand and accept that results will vary for each individual.