Attention Gentlemen!

Ready for a confident and sexually fulfilled life?

Imagine finally getting the knowledge and support to feel uber confident in the bedroom, have control over your sexual energy, make authentic connections with women and make her body tingle...

This is for you if

You feel a lot of PRESSURE on your sexual performance, which causes you to ejaculate quickly  or lose your erection completely.
Even the idea of having sex makes you think of how it always ends...quickly. It's the only thing you can think about, or not think about coming!

You invested in some dating guru's online program to meet more girls and then after SEXLESS MONTHS you finally got a date with this hot girl, you got her in your bed and then you come within a few seconds because you were overexcited!
Suddenly the sex magic turns into this awkward silence as you both feel uncomfortable.

You feel completely clueless on how to please a woman in the bedroom so you turn to porn to teach you about sex.
Why does it goes so much easier on film then in real life...

You are UNCLEAR about your goals and purpose in life.
You don't really know what is important to you in life, sexually so you lack the drive to take action and get shit done!

You think you are superman in bed because sex has always been EASY for you, but secretly women think you're not that great! Ouch there goes your EGO.

You would like to find a deeper connection with yourself and get closer to your PARTNER.
Perhaps you just had a baby or there is always so much going on with work, you wish there was a way to bring back that spark you both felt in the beginning of your relationship.


  • You could finally get clear on what is important to you and live by YOUR values
  • You can learn to master your sexual energy so YOU control your urges and not vice versa
  • You will learn to tune into your body better and take the pressure of sex
  • By stepping up your game as a man you will feel more comfortable to be a good role model for your kids
  • You will show up confident and authentic. There will be no need to be play or fake something
  • Your new energetic vibration will inspire your partner or attract women on your level
  • Finally solve your sexual dysfunction with effective techniques

" What makes a man powerful and irresistible?"

Deep Dive Coaching

Setting yourself up for success with the right mindset and support. Learn powerful tantra techniques to gain awareness and empowerment


Sexual Confidence Mastery

Access a deeper, ecstatic level of sexual pleasure. A whole new world will unfold for you! Eliminate sexual issues and lack of confidence. Become a high energetic, powerful presence and magnetic man

building sexual confidence and inner power for men

Take control in the bedroom

Finally learn how to please and touch a woman for deep intimate and emotional connections. Learn techniques to offer her a massage and intimate touch as well as sex magic. Ladies love a confident, present man!

"I use your guided audio meditation almost every day! It has helped me so much. Just wanted to write to you and say I really appreciate everything you helped me with. The tantra sessions you shared with me have been some of the most life-changing and definitive experiences I have had in the last years. Really turned my whole attitude around. Was on a super low when I first met you and even after the first session I positively felt it as a spiritually magnifying moment."
"Thank you, Rana for a great experience. I definitely felt much more grounded and relaxed afterwards. I believe it is a wonderful way to get out of our heads into the body. And thank you for an authentic human connection."
"These practices are working wonders to my body."

Yes I am ready to get sexual confidence!

Sexual Confidence Mastery 3 Month Program

During 3 months you will receive the necessary steps to work on your mindset and bodily skills to become sexually confident and create a strong inner power.

  • Are you ready to ditch any negative beliefs around sexuality and women?
  • Are you ready to truly own your masculine sexuality?
  • Do you want to tune into your magnetic presence and own the room and the bedroom?

Let's see what awaits you on the inside:

  • 9 Weekly video training and resources
  • 60 min kick start coaching call
  • 3 Monthly Coaching / Training Call 60min.
  • 9 weekly support calls 30min.
  • Unlimited Email Support (weekdays)

Month 1:

Week 1, 2 and 3 will focus on setting the right intention, achieving the right mindset and you will be guided into body connection exercises.
How to do this program when you are in a relationship or single.
We'll look at your current sex drive and energy.
You will learn and practice from the video trainings and workbook and bring your questions on our weekly support call.
Week 4 we'll meet online for a 60min. coaching call.

Month 2:

Week 1, 2 and 3 will take you deeper into your body and sexual energy experience.
Your big commitment will bring you into a world of intense orgams, ejaculation control  and stamina during lovemaking.
You will learn proper breathing exercises and practice mindful masturbation.
We will talk about the effect of porn and masculine and feminine balance.
You will learn and practice from the video trainings and workbook and bring your questions on our weekly support call.
Week 4 we'll meet online for a 60min. coaching call.

Month 3:

Week 1, 2 and 3 is all about bringing these techniques into practice with a partner.
You will learn how to build trust and create space for deep emotional/physical intimacy.
You will learn about the female orgasm and how to touch a woman through the art of sacred touch and massage.
We will explore sacred sex, tantric ritual, communication in a relationship and meeting each other's needs.
You will learn and practice from the video trainings and workbook and bring your questions on our weekly support call.
Week 4 we'll meet online for a 60min. coaching call.

Your investment:

1799 euro

3 x 670 euro