Inner presence VIP Intensive

For heart centered men who are ready to access their inner power

Stop today...

  • feeling stressed and overwhelmed
  • having anxiety and a potential burn-out
  • not being fully present with your partner
  • feeling stuck in your life

What if you could...

  • feel more calm and in control at hectic stressful times
  • wake up energized and vibrant ready to get things done
  • feel a sense of inner peace, clarity and confidence
  • establish deep intimacy and bedroom skills with your partner
-Life changing and turned my whole attitude around-

“Just wanted to write to you and say I really appreciate everything you helped me with. The sessions you shared with me have been some of the most life-changing and definitive experiences I have had in the last years. Really turned my whole attitude around. Was on a super low when I first met you and even after the first session I positively felt it as a spiritually magnifying moment.”


You're invited...

I welcome you to spend a day with me where I will take you on an inner journey from stressed-out to clarity and ecstatic bliss.
As you get exclusive access to me, a full day is for sure the best way to make effective improvements to your life and create big leverage.
Ultimately your Inner Presence VIP Intensive with me will be designed to focus on achieving greater inner presence for more clarity, empowerment and embodiment.
Specific topics for our day can be customized to the areas where you need direction and coaching the most.

Just imagine...

you receive my undivided attention to you and your biggest struggles.

Having more clarity and awareness through transformational coaching and mentoring.

We will create the space that will allow you to tap into your inner desires, explore self-love and express yourself with a authentic voice.
I will be that person to listen with empathy and an open heart, without judging your story or challenge.

Possible topics for our day together:
– Tap into your true desires
– Reduce stress in your life
– Confidence and intimacy in your relationship

“Thank you very much for the very inspiring first session. It was a very intensive energetic experience and a great way to get started on my personal journey”

How it works

◊ I host intensives in my favorite cities Paris, London, Geneva, Zurich, Monaco, Dubai, New York…
◊ Apply for a clarity call, if we are ready to work together we’ll set up a fix date
◊ My schedule only allows time for a few intensives a month, if you are an ideal client reserve your time with me
◊ I will welcome you in the lobby at a luxury hotel (see your preferred destination)
◊ We will get settled in our comfortable room and create a sacred space for our day together
◊ We’ll start by setting intentions for the day, along with deep dive sessions and integrative breaks
◊ Depending on your desires modalities used are guided meditations, deep dive sessions, embodiment tools, teachings, …**


Vip Intensive destinations Paris Brussels Monaco Geneva

You'll receive

  • 1 day (6,5hrs) of quality coaching time with me at a luxury hotel, our day starts at 10am till 4.30pm*
  • Healthy lunch, snacks and drinks throughout the day
  • BONUS Detailed Welcome Pack and Questionnaire to help me get to know you before the intensive
  • BONUS Unlimited email support following the intensive (up to 2 weeks)
  • BONUS One 30 min. Follow-up call, to make sure you are on the right track
  • BONUS Private Chauffeur pick up and return (Brussels only)

What our day will bring you

  • Clarity on your values and goals
  • Unique action plan
  • Breath mastery for stress management and improved sleep
  • Feeling empowered and connected
  • Connect with something bigger than the ego and communicate from the heart
  • Harness sexual energy
  • Be inspired for more

Let's talk and see how I can help you

” Rana has a way of guiding me, she builds trust while transmitting knowledge and technique. she knows exactly what she is doing and yet I feel like in control of my body. Every time I access a new and deeper self, as we called it inner doors opening For me she is the one and only I have found and trust with my body, emotions and intimacy. I wish for everybody to experience this! This energetic vibration, every cell skin of my body is activated, I have never experienced this depth of myself. I feel myself melting away while having strong sexual energy and a clear mind. Everything feels so clear after working with her.” A

Meet me in these fabulous destinations

Monaco VIP Intensive
4-7 april 2017

Paris VIP Intensive
Dates Flexible

London VIP Intensive
20 April 2017

geneva annecy vip intensive

Geneva VIP Intensive
Dates Flexible

Your Investment:

2200 euro

Booked Out
Schedule a clarity call

Your Investment:

2000 euro

By application only
Schedule a clarity call

Your Investment:

2000 euro

By application only
Schedule a clarity call

Your Investment:

2000 euro

By application only
Schedule a clarity call

Example of an Intensive Day

10:00am – 11:00am Session
11:00am – 11:15am Break
11:15am – 12:15pm Session
12:15pm – 1:30pm Lunch
1:30pm – 3:30pm Session
3:30pm – 3:45pm Break
3:45pm -4:30pm Final Q&A + Action plan

This is for you if

  • You are motivated and committed to learn and make things happen
  • You are 100% clear you want to improve your life
  • You come with an open mind and the right intention
  • You are willing to invest in your personal growth
  • You are coachable, open to do the work and apply the things you've learned
To apply you are asked to fill in a short form. If I feel we can work together I invite you for a clarity call.

To proceed and reserve your intensive a deposit is required minimum 1 week before and the balance paid in full before our meeting.
Your personal travel expenses to meet me in a city are your responsibility.

Love note from your mentor…
Perhaps you have read this entire page and still have doubts if this is a right choice for you.
I understand that, I feel your resistance but darling what if this would be that moment where everything changes for you…
What if behind all the mind chatter and limitations there is your hidden potential ready to be revealed.
You don’t need to understand all of my teachings because you will experience it for yourself!
Simply listen to your heart’s intuition and if you hear a “YES”, then let’s dive in
with love,

* Start time subject to changes
** Sessions are conducted fully clothed